Retrofitted PlayStation 2 Ocean Blue (US VERSION)

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You are viewing a truly unique console! This PlayStation 2 is a US version that has been retrofitted with an ocean blue shell that came from it's Japanese counterparts.
Consoles with this shell are originally from the Japanese market and are REGION LOCKED - meaning that you could only play Japanese games on them. But we fix this!
How do we fix the region lock?
We combine two PlayStation 2's to create a system that includes an US version console, but with a beautiful shell that was featured on PS2's in Japan.
Internal PS2 system: SCPH-39001
PS2 Shell comes from model SCPH-37000
Includes AV cable and power cord.
All systems are extensively cleaned and tested prior to shipment.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have, and we hope you enjoy!