PlayStation 4 Controller With Custom Re-Map Back Buttons - Pick Your Design! (PS4)

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Defeat your competition in style with a PS4 Controller that features custom Re-Map back buttons!

These buttons can be assigned to 13 different buttons on the controller, giving you an edge in your favorite game!

Buttons that you can remap:
L1 + R1
L2 + R2
D-Pad (All directions)
X, Square, Circle, Triangle

Also available is a custom front shell design of your choice! These shells are made using a hydrographic process, and are ready to withstand the test of time, even through many gaming sessions.

This is an AUTHENTIC, BRAND NEW Sony Playstation 4 controller that is only removed from its original packaging for modification and testing by customization professionals.

We hope you enjoy your new controller, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us anytime!