Custom Xbox One Elite Controller - SERIES 2

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Upgrade to a Xbox One Series 2 Elite controller that includes a unique front shell and beat your competition in style! (Read about our lifetime guarantee below)

This listing includes all the accessories that come with a normal Xbox One Elite Controller purchase, such as the case, additional joysticks, power cord, and button attachments.

The controller will be in like new condition and come in it's original packaging, only being opened for testing and modification purposes by our customization professionals!

We stand by our products, and are ALWAYS willing to make sure you have a top notch product in full working order - no matter how much time passes! If you have any issues, we are happy to do repairs and replacements free of cost! (shipping excluded).
As long as you have an order number we can verify, or another means to verify your purchase from us, we will ALWAYS be happy to help you with any issues you have - for as long as you own the device!

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