Custom PlayStation 4 Controller- Galaxy - LED color changing buttons

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This is an original Sony PS4 controller with custom illuminated buttons and joysticks. Each controller has 7 possible colors that you can cycle through, as well as two flashing modes (slow flash and fast flash). Additionally, the lights can be turned on and off at anytime using a touch control sensor.

What is touch control?
Touch control is the same technology that is used on the PS4 touchpad that is located on the center of all current PS4 controllers. We have found a way to utilize this same technology to include a sensor on the back of the controller so that you can turn the lights on and off, as well as cycle through the colors and modes with the touch of a single finger, which can be seen in the second picture.

All controllers will be marked on the back to indicate where the sensor is.

To turn the lights on, just hold your finger on the sensor on the indicated area for 5 seconds. To turn the lights off, touch the sensor for 8 seconds. Tapping the sensor will cycle you through the colors and flashing modes.

All controllers are tested to ensure that they are in full working order, but are in otherwise like-new condition. This is an Authentic Sony DualShock 4 purchased new, and only opened for the installation of upgrades. Controller will arrive in original Sony packaging, along with instructions. 

Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns and we hope you enjoy your purchase!